How to Have Better… Journal for Joy: Design for Joyous Living Workshop & Celebration Day

❥ Your life is your decision. What are you going to do about it?

Hello from Jeanette Joy,

My daughter in law says I need to tone down this workshop. Folks will say “It’s too good to be true.” My son, her husband, says learn the sex part, but he wouldn’t pay $500 for a day of women talk. That’s good because the day doesn’t cost anywhere near that amount. And, learning how to get more enjoyment out of life is priceless. Besides, men are welcome to come join us. We need to add spice to the day. Yes We CAN! THE EVENT IS NEAR TEMECULA at my home aka Joy Gardens, a wedding venue about 60 to 90 minutes from Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach and 45 to 60 minutes to Orange County or Ontario Airport.

We had so much fun in last time, we’re repeating Journal for Joy: Design for Joyous Living Workshop & Celebration Day.

So, here’s the invitation…

You’re invited to play, discover, learn, and share at my home, Joy Gardens. Bring your light-heart, joy, and infectious laughter along with your choice of a blanket, sweater, or jacket, and anything else you desire for your personal comfort. Let me help you sift through all the overwhelming self-improvement advice. Get concrete action steps to make a difference in your life now.

Examine your preconceived limitations and explore new ways to:

  • Have Better Sex
  • Lose Weight
  • Make Millions
  • And Eat Chocolate!

Say “yes” to fun and a better life.
Get out and meet people with shared interests. Turn off the TV, your computer games or social networks, and go out where you talk to people in person. There’s a reason why we say on Twitter, “I know her IRL.” It’s in real life, not cyberspace! Take a chance and see how much you can change your situations.

Our intimate How to Have Better…Workshop  has limited space –Reserve your seat today!

Journal for Joy Guided Workbook Included with the Workshop: Journal, lunch, snacks, dinner, coffee, tea, sangria, champagne, and chocolate, of course!

What if just one sex secret could change your life? Even if you think you’re past “all that” you’ll be surprised at what we discuss.
What would you like to know about making money in today’s economy?
Are you totally satisfied with your life as is?

This is the program we’re working on for you:

10:00 to 11:00 AM Gathering and introductions. Feel free to bring your cards, flyers, published books, product samples, and share your elevator speech.

Please understand we can’t be interrupted once we start. Late comers will be invited to wait in the garden until we break. We’ll start at 11:00am.

1. Introduction to The Golden Rule of Joy
Isn’t your happiness Better than Gold?

2. The Secret to Habits, Goals, & Resolutions
Finally get the reason goals and resolutions fade away and how to make your dreams reality anyway.
Coffee & Tea Break

3.  The Eight Elements of Your Being Key to Joyful Living
Stand firmly grounded in all areas of your life, not just health, wealth, and relationships.

4.  Create Your Happiness Wheel with Design Psychology Tips
Yes! I’m sharing Joy to the Home’s Design Psychology trade secrets.

Late Lunch Break

5.  How to Lose Weight or Keep Fit for Life…

Chocolate & Caffeine Break

6.  How to Make Millions
Let the fun continue…A new way to think about riches and wealth. Why taking responsibility for making money to give away makes you wealthy and joyous!

Chocolate & Sangria Break

7.  How to Have Better Sex
Oh my! Perhaps we’ll have Sangria during this session,too. Smile.

Dinner, followed by Champagne Toast & Chocolate Chocolate Rose Cake

Fireside Celebration, photos, videos & social media content creation fun

If you want to skip an afternoon topic, we have a massage therapist booking extra massages. (For those skinny folks, those who already have daily orgasms, or those with millions of dollars to give away.)

Relax in the Serenity Garden. Crazy Dance in the Not So Secret Garden. Make new friends. Take home a beautiful new journal, new ideas, fresh inspiration, and Live in JOY! We’ll provide organic green salad luncheon, quinoa vegetable dinner with some side meats for Paleo dieters, chocolate delights, spring water, sangria, coffee, teas, and champagne. You may bring special food and your choice of beverages.

“Your dream, backed by a purpose, fired by a deep passion, is what you should be willing to devote your lifetime to. Are you ready?” ~from How to Have Better Sex, Lose weight, Make Millions and Eat

EXTREMELY LIMITED SPACE. We’ll be inside if the weather isn’t perfect. RSVP and Reserve Now.

Replace fear with love. “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

Still not sure about spending money on yourself? Read about what you don’t know here.

If you’re coming from out of town, you may wish to stay at the nearby Holiday Inn Express or at one of the great wineries, like South Coast Winery & Spa. I’m sorry, my family moved home and I have no more room for overnight guests. Please, don’t ask. I’ve promised my children… no one sleeping on the sofas. We simply don’t have enough bathrooms. Thank you for understanding.

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