Welcome to Journal for Joy: Design for Joyous Living Workshop & Celebration

Thank you for joining our fun celebration. Please don’t share this address or this webpage.

We’re going to have a blast!

The address is 24010 Oak Circle Drive Wildomar CA 29595.

Be sure to allow sufficient time to arrive early. Doors open at 10 am for Meet & Greet. Coffee & tea available. We will start at 11:00 am. Please don’t be late because it will mess up our flow and you will have to wait outside in the garden until we take a break.

Download and print out the map.

What to Wear

Comfortable yoga pants, jeans, or long skirts. Pretty tops for photo ops if you love social media. Bring a sweater AND warm coat. We won’t be doing a lot of formal yoga, but there will be many yoga teachers here and you’re invited to do yoga or  take a stretch break. We might also do some fun dancing after dark on the stage depending on weather and timing. I plan to be finished with the program before dinner and to have a party after.

What to Bring

Special diet foods & beverages, layers of clothing, business cards & flyers, product samples or your published books. You’re invited to promote yourself during Meet & Greet.

Workshop Rules

Practice your elevator speech. During program, please no cross talk. You’ll have time to visit during lunch, dinner, and after Champagne & Chocolate Toast.

Please do not give anyone advice. You may listen to a friend’s stories, but do not tell them what to do. This is a day of self-discovery. Everyone will be listening to their own heart for guidance. It helps to talk things through, but listen until it’s your turn to talk about yourself. Thank you for being supportive.

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