Is What You Don’t Know Hurting You?

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Individuals know about seven percent of the world’s knowledge. They also know that they don’t know about another three percent of the world’s knowledge. Most of us know pilots know how to fly, but we can’t fly a jet. We don’t know the rest of what we don’t know about. That means about seventy percent of knowledge we don’t even know exists. Every day, new discoveries add to the database of knowledge. Our circle of knowledge increases faster than we comprehend. What if you could learn new ways to help yourself? Would you be eager to learn or would you doubt the findings of others and need to do your own research?

Imagine you have the opportunity to learn about radio transmission from Marconi, electricity from Edison, spirituality from Emerson, Eddy, or the Dalai Lama, music from Bach or McCartney, and marketing from Jobs or Branson. Because you trust these people and their knowledge, you accept and believe their findings. You can spend your life investigating the findings in this book, or you can accept them and apply your new thoughts to your existing life. If you hesitate based on fear instead of acting on faith, you might spend your life living in sadness and poverty instead of creating the life you desire.

I am not the expert; I am the reporter sharing this information I gleaned from a lifetime of questioning, study, research, meditation, and prayer. You may choose to spend your time reading Descartes, Spinoza, Hegel, Emerson, and more. Or, you may read this book and take action to improve your life now.
You’re welcome to explore the wisdom condensed and filtered in this book and use your fresh ideas to transform your life. You choose whether to be entertained, inspired, or transformed by the way you embrace new ideas. You may say “This is interesting” and move onto the next shiny object or stop and think about changing your life by doing something different ─like thinking in a positive way and acting with demonstrated faith instead of misguided judgmental fear.

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