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Researchers report that people normally only read the first eighteen pages of a book. If you understand the “Golden Rule of Joy” you can quit reading on page fourteen.

The Story Behind the Book

One night while playing guitars and singing at our home, my family started a conversation/song about what people desire from life. As usual, I sat at my computer writing. My late husband Brian and our son in law Ted played guitars and sang for our sweet angel Sara. Brian wanted me to join the party and started making fun of my latest book. He said, while playing notes, “No one wants to know about credit. They want to know how to have better sex.” Ted turned his words and music into a jingle and added “make millions.” I sang along with “lose weight and eat chocolate dot com.” Back in 2004, we were into speculating on domain names. Although I didn’t record the ditty, I remembered the gist of the laughter and captured the laughable domain:


Since that evening, I’ve been asking my friends and experts questions and gathering answers with the thought that someday I would write the book for fun. The time has come for me to get this book out of my head, heart, and notes.

When you ask Americans what they want, you get these top three answers: better and more sex, to make millions of dollars, and to lose weight. The top priority varies, but these foremost human desires are achievable when we apply the knowledge of those who have perfected and performed these natural acts.

How to use this book

Imagine you have the opportunity to learn about radio transmission from Marconi, electricity from Edison, spirituality from Emerson, Eddy, or the Dalai Lama, music from Bach or McCartney, and marketing from Jobs or Branson. Because you trust these people and their knowledge, you accept and believe their findings. You can spend your life investigating the findings in this book, or you can accept them and apply your new thoughts to your existing life. If you hesitate based on fear instead of acting on faith, you might spend your life living in sadness and poverty instead of creating the life you desire. I am not the expert; I am the reporter sharing this information I gleaned from a lifetime of questioning, study, research, meditation, and prayer. You may choose to spend your time reading Descartes, Spinoza, Hegel, Emerson, and more. Or, you may read this book and take action to improve your life now.

You’re welcome to explore the wisdom condensed and filtered in this book and use your fresh ideas to transform your life. You choose whether to be entertained, inspired, or transformed by the way you embrace new ideas. You may say “This is interesting” and move onto the next shiny object or stop and think about changing your life by doing something different   ─like thinking in a positive way and acting with demonstrated faith instead of misguided judgmental fear.


How to Have Better Sex Lose Weight Make Millions and Eat Chocolate dot com


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