8 Reasons to “Subscribe”

Hello from Jeanette Joy Fisher,

I always tell my friends “Don’t ask people to ‘subscribe’ ask them to ‘join’ you instead.”
Lately, I’ve been reluctant to subscribe to any newsletters because my inbox has over 25,000 emails, some dating back to 2004. However, I still enjoy reading many newsletters.

Let me give you some reasons you might consider subscribing to my emails.

    • I rarely have time to send an email.
    • I only send information I would gladly receive.
    • I give away lots of fun stuff.
    • I host parties, film screenings, and events at my home and mountain cabin. Many are free.
    • I organize meetups, tweetups, and gatherings at fun locations.
    • You will want to read my books when they come out.
    • We have free content creation days and you might get interviewed. For sure, you will get your photo taken and posted on Facebook and tweeted if you want.
    • You may unsubscribe with one click anytime. 🙂