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Satisfy Your Soul through Joyous Living

Spring Forward into Your New Joy-Filled Freedom

Turn your mundane, stressful, out of shape life into one of luscious joy every moment, everyday! You deserve to live in lavish splendor.

MEN: Read about the million-dollar sex secret most men never thought of and many women don’t know about, but they will LOVE you for this one action. WOMEN: Find out the two sex moves you can make that will have your man begging to pamper you for life.

HTHcoverHow to Have Better Sex, Lose Weight, Make Millions and Eat

This book was no Quickie…
it took ten years to write.

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Introduction       1
1.  The Golden Rule of Joy 6
How to Identify Your Soul Needs 10
Create More Joy in Your Life        13
2.  The Truth about Happiness    16
Three Ways to Live a Blessed Life 17
75 Years of Happiness     18
Restructure Hurtful Habits into Happiness Habits 21
The Secret to Habits, Goals, and Resolutions 31
3.  The Eight Elements of Your Being 36
Eleven Pleasures of Living  42
HappyThankYouMorePlease 46
Eight Steps to Glorious, Gracious, Gigantic Joy!     46
Home Centered Living: Headquarters for Happiness            60
Wabi Sabi Home Style and Design Psychology        60
4.  The Troubles with Sex              68
Sexually Frustrated Women          73
Five Sexual Mistakes Leading to Unsatisfied Lovers             74
5.  WHY Do You Need Sex?           80
The Power of Touch        80
Eight Ways Sexual Activity Heals the Body              82
6.  How to Have Better Sex           88
The Secret to Better Sex Is…         88
Nine Ways to Turn on Your Love Life         89
Six Distinct Sexual Practices          101
Take Control of Your Sex Life       107
Why You Need to Think and Feel Turned On           108
7.  How to Lose Weight  112
What IS the Answer to Losing Weight?     116
Eight Easy, Practical Action Steps to Get Fit            117
From Weight Loss to Feeling Fit and Feisty              125
8.  How to Make Millions Consciously     128
Do You Deserve to Make Millions?             129
Choosing Between Making Money and Your Passion           132
Gratitude, the Beginning and the End        134
Healthy and Wealthy       135
Five Step Reflective Action Plan Meditation            137
9. How to Make Millions               142
Charismatic People Make More Money    145
How do people make a million dollars a year?       146
How to Make More Money           147
10.  How to Eat Chocolate            154
Is Chocolate Really Health Food?               154
11.  Your Action Plan for a Glorious Life  160
Dream and Decide Your Destiny   161
Beware of “The Magpie Mind”    166

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